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Slides from presentation for the ACRL 2023 Conference, March 15-18, 2023, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

How can all of us, as library workers, develop our writing and foster the growth of others in the profession? This question led to the 2022 launch of a program to connect writers with reviewers. Organized by library workers, this free service matches volunteer reviewers with writers for supportive and nonjudgmental feedback to improve the writing process prior to submission to a journal, conference proposal, or trade publication, and encourages many voices to participate in the professional conversation. This presentation will discuss the first year of the program, including reflection, key takeaways, and future opportunities for involvement. Learning Outcomes: Attendees will learn about the program's purpose, goals, and takeaways from its first year. Attendees will identify ways that they can get involved with the program, either as a writer or reviewer. Attendees will learn tactics for moving past emotional barriers to writing and publishing.