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Presentation at the AAC&U 2022 Annual Meeting as a Pre-Meeting Workshop.

Responsible citizens need the agility to navigate a changing information landscape. Intentionally designing learning experiences that integrate accessible Information Literacy (IL) skills for all students is a crucial step towards educational justice, a paramount responsibility in the democratic mission of our institutions. With this goal, the University of Rhode Island’s Office for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning has partnered with instruction librarians since 2018 in developing and facilitating a High Impact Teaching Seminar for faculty. Participants will learn about the seminar’s theoretical framework, impact and structure, engage in selected activities, and reflect on possible applications at their own institutions.

RAD HIT 2021 Activity Adaptation Worksheet.pdf (90 kB)
Worksheet to support participants' adaptation of exercises

RAD HIT 2021 Action Plan.pdf (145 kB)
Action Plan participants completed after the seminar