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Slides from a presentation, "Enhancing our Supply Chain: Working with Faculty to Embed IL Threshold Concepts" Presented as part of the LOEX 2020 Annual Conference, offered online on 5 May 2020.


Collaborating with campus faculty developers and using active learning techniques, two academic librarians facilitated a 3.5 day seminar with the goal of connecting faculty's underlying course content with information literacy threshold concepts across a variety of disciplines. During the seminar, participants discovered concepts common across disciplines that enabled them to highlight core concepts in their own field in their courses. At the end, faculty participants were energized and enthusiastic about their new plans to incorporate information literacy components into both existing lessons and course materials, as well as into new courses, ultimately improving teaching and supporting student learning.

Participants will:

  • Recognize how faculty benefit from participating in an information literacy seminar.
  • Explain their own research process as a basis for incorporating a similar activity in their own potential seminar.
  • Identify strategies for developing similar IL for Faculty opportunities.