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Human Development and Family Studies


Propensity to plan is an indicator of financial capability that contributes to consumer financial well‐being. Previous research has shown that propensity to plan is positively related to objective financial well‐being but little research was found to examine its association with subjective financial well‐being. Using financial satisfaction to measure subjective financial well‐being, this study addressed this research gap and had three objectives: (1) to explore factors associated with propensity to plan, (2) to examine the association between propensity to plan and financial capability factors, and (3) to examine the association between propensity to plan and financial satisfaction. Using data from the 2015 US National Financial Capability Study, the results showed socioeconomic differences in propensity to plan. The results suggest consumers with more economic resources had higher scores in propensity to plan. In addition, propensity to plan was positively associated with financial capability factors, suggesting financial planning is a desirable financial behavior. Finally, propensity to plan made unique contributions to financial satisfaction after controlling for socioeconomic and other financial capability factors.