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Objective: Although numerous reports document college students’ risk-taking behaviors, few examine these behaviors in a developmental context. The purpose of this study was to examine female freshmen college students’ pre-college experiences and parenting influences on first semester experiences with alcohol misuse, sexual risk-taking, and adverse outcomes, including violence. Methods: We surveyed 229 female freshman residential college students at the end of their first semester in college. Results: Participants who drank frequently in high school were more likely to binge drink in college and regret doing something while drinking. Mother-daughter closeness and parental discussions of sexual risks, personal safety and danger avoidance were associated with a reduced likelihood of regretting doing something while drinking, experiencing sexual violence, and having sex without a condom. Parental provision of alcohol was associated with alcohol misuse. Conclusion: These findings provide a life course perspective on the development of risk behaviors and adverse outcomes during emerging adulthood.