"Grading for Learning" at the University of Rhode Island

Anna Santucci, University College Cork, Ireland
Julianna Golas, University of Rhode Island
Katie E. Amaral, University of Rhode Island
Alissa H. Cox, University of Rhode Island


This session presents the work of one educational developer and three instructors who collaborated on a “Grading for Learning: Empowering Students with Agency for Growth” initiative at the University of Rhode Island. Highlights include a Faculty Learning Community model and three implementation examples of Specifications Grading across diverse disciplines.

Session Outcomes:

  • Articulate how their grading practices relate to their values as educators and their beliefs about learning and education
    • Identify one small change they can implement in one of their courses to better align its assessment structure with those beliefs and values
    • Evaluate the possibility of facilitating a Book club or designing a Learning Community for colleagues interested in exploring progressive assessment with their own institutional context
    • Connect with partners to help them extend the conversation within their own institution