Predation-mediated recruitment in the Georges Bank fish community

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Understanding the mechanisms that control recruitment in marine fish populations is important for conservation and also for more efficient management through improved predictions of abundance. We examined the role of predation in regulating recruitment by applying multispecies virtual population analysis (MSVPA) to eight fish species on Georges Bank. Cod and silver hake were the most important predators and herring and silver hake were the most important prey species. Predation on cod and silver hake was compensatory, because cannibalism was the dominant source of predation for these species. Predation on herring and mackerel appeared to be slightly depensatory or density-independent. Predation on young fish also affected the relative cohort size at age 2. Therefore, predation should be considered when making medium- to long-term recruitment forecasts. © 2001 International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.

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ICES Journal of Marine Science