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STORMTOOLS Coastal Environmental Risk Index (CERI) predicts the coastal flooding damage to individual structures using coastal flooding levels, including the effects of sea level rise (SLR), provided in terms of the base flood elevation (BFE), specifications of the structure of interest (type and first floor elevation) and the associated damage functions from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE), North Atlantic Coast Comprehensive Study (NACCS). CERI has been applied to selected coastal communities in Rhode Island, including those in Narragansett Bay and along the southern Rhode Island shoreline. Users can access the results of CERI via ArcGIS online at the CERI website. The objective of this effort was to develop, test, distribute, and evaluate a mobile phone application (App) that allows the user to assess the risk from coastal flooding and the associated damage at the individual structure level using the CERI methodology. The App is publicly available and has been developed for both iOS and Android operating systems. Environmental data to support the App, in terms of 100 y flood BFE maps, including the effects of SLR and the selected site grade elevation, are provided in the application by the URI Environmental Data Center (EDC). The user enters the location and type of the structure of interest (residential number of stories, with or without basement, pile supported or commercial building and the first-floor elevation (FFE)) and the desired SLR. The App then calculates the percent structural damage based on the specified environmental conditions and structure specifications. The App can be applied to any structure at any coastal location within the state. The CERI App development project has been guided by an Advisory Board made up of key constituents involved in coastal management and development in the state. The effort included extensive testing of the App by various user groups. The App structure makes it simple and straightforward to transfer to coastal and inland flooded areas in other locations, requiring only the specification of BFEs and grade elevations.

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