Volcanoes and Tourism

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Volcano tourism is growing in popularity as more people are interested in exploring unique natural areas and at the same time study the geologic heritage. Protected sites such as national parks, geoparks, and World Heritage sites play an important role in volcano tourism and present visitors with an opportunity to learn about geodiversity in close contact to nature while experiencing scenic beauty. With over 1500 active volcanoes worldwide, for many regions volcano tourism represents a welcome economic advantage. Active and dormant volcanic attractions therefore provide a valuable natural resource for tourism including geotourism, adventure tourism, and ecotourism. Often the aftermath of a violent eruption will bring increased numbers of visitors, which links volcano tourism frequently to disaster tourism or dark tourism with Pompeii, a popular example of World Heritage site, which is based on the devastation caused by a volcanic eruption nearly 2000 years ago.

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The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes