Suspended material in Narragansett Bay: fatty acid and hydrocarbon composition

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Suspended material collected at various stations in Narragansett Bay was analyzed for fatty acids and hydrocarbons. The qualitative and quantitative distributions of these compounds indicated that the influence of sewage and other pollutants was greatest in the river areas. Based on concentrations of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the highest densities of phytoplankton were interpreted to occur at the mid and lower Bay stations, and the percentage of phytoplankton in suspended material was estimated from the concentration of heneicosahexaene. The concentrations of fatty acids and hydrocarbons in the suspended material decreased from the river stations to the mid and lower Bay stations, closely following a similar trend observed in the sediment. Possible sources of the suspended material and the influence of these sources on this material in various areas of the Bay are discussed, and attempts are made to interrelate the suspended material, resuspended sediment, phytoplankton, and sewage effluent with chemical and biochemical diagenetic changes. © 1977.

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Organic Geochemistry