Aerosol selenium at Bermuda and Barbados

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At Bermuda, the major source for Se was anthropogenic emissions from North America. Daily Se concentrations were highly correlated with antimony (Sb) which originated from a pollution source. However, approximately 6% of the Sb was associated with mineral dust from northern Africa that reached Bermuda during the summer months. The Bermuda aerosol data showed a weak correlation between Se and methane sulfonate (MSA), but the intercept of the Se versus Sb regression indicated that a marine biogenic source of Se accounted for ~45% of the mean concentration at Bermuda. At Barbados the variability of Se concentrations could not be explained solely by pollution sources. Correlations between Se and Sb, nitrate (NO3-) non-sea-salt sulfate (nssSO4-), and MSA were significant. The correlations of Se with Sb, NO3-, and nssSO4- suggested continental sources. The correlation with MSA indicated there was a significant marine biogenic source. Our results indicated that a marine biogenic source of Se accounted for 60-80% of the Se at Barbados. -from Authors

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Journal of Geophysical Research