Paleomagnetic and rock- magnetic stratigraphy of Pigmy Basin, Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 619, Leg 96 ( Gulf of Mexico).

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A high-resolution paleomagnetic record for the late Pleistocene has been obtained from the upper 146 m of the Pigmy Basin section recovered at DSDP Site 619. The record is characterized by a sequence of apparent geomagnetic excursions. If validated by future investigations, these excursions can be used to construct a regional high-resolution stratigraphic framework for the Gulf of Mexico. Variations in the rock-magnetic stratigraphy of Pigmy Basin are shown to correspond to variations in lithology. These observed variations probably reflect a combination of regional and local paleoenvironmental changes. -Author

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Initial reports DSDP, Leg 96, Ft. Lauderdale to Galveston, Texas, 1983

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