Sedimentology of the collision zone between the North d'Entrecasteaux Ridge and New Hebrides Island Arc (Sites 827, 828, and 829)

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Sedimentation on the inner trench slope and the impinging NDR has been significantly affected by the collision process. Uplift asociated with subduction of the NDR beneath the New Hebrides Island Arc resulted in the emergence of Espiritu Santo Island and created a robust source of epiclastic sediment for the forearc area. Distribution of this material into deeper water has been modulated by Pleistocene sea level changes. Ridge sediment and trench fill deposits have been accreted onto the forearc slope and thrust faulting of subducting ridge sediment has occurred preferentially in kaolinite-rich horizons. -from Authors

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Proc., scientific results, ODP, Leg 134, Vanuatu