Morphological analysis and related volcanic features of the Kolumbo submarine volcanic chain (NE of Santorini Island, Aegean Volcanic Arc)

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Kolumbo submarine volcano is located in a small, elongated, rifted basin northeast of Santorini Island, Greece, and has been the site of recent submarine volcanism in the central Hellenic Volcanic Arc. It is the largest of a chain of nineteen volcanic cones occurring within this small rift zone and its most known eruption in 1650 A.D. had a serious impact on Santorini and the surrounding islands. According to previous studies, a range of ages is suggested for the activity along this volcanic line since many of the smaller volcanic cones seem to have been built above the present seafloor, while others are partly buried by Quaternary sediments. The ROVs Hercules and Argus of O.E.T. (Ocean Exploration Trust) were used to explore the slopes, summits and craters of 17 of the 19 submarine volcanic centres identified on multibeam map of the area with E/V Nautilus (NA007) in August 2010. In this paper we present some of the most interesting submarine morphological features along the Kolumbo Volcanic Chain.

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Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie