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This post contains the GLBT Center Symposium meeting minutes of February 10th 2010. In attendance: Marcus, Kevin, Kevin, Joe, Morgan, Riley, Andrew; Monday night will begin with Marriage Equality, not the Gender Project. Gender project is on Tuesday with Christa, and Jay from YPI. Also Brian Gilly (University of Vermont) will arrive and stay at Al Lot’s. Wednesday, first full day of programs, Brian Gilly is available to do multiple presentations including his featured address. At 11pm he will meet with Equity Council Commission. 12 pm is the women studies program and Brian will do another program on Aids and Native Americans. Riley will follow up on the Native American Student group, locate contacts and try to build a collaborative program. 1:30 pm Victor E. will do his presentation on transgendered research. 2:30pm is Ron’s “radical fairies and bears,” likely followed at 3:30pm by Darren Wells; Thursday Annemarie will present on interviews and narratives of six lgbt students of color. 1pm Brian A. plans to conduct a substance abuse panel. 2pm Pam G. to speak on creating LGBT communities of faith with a transgendered speaker. 3pm Jen M. , director of rainbow center at CC will speak on documenting queer history. 7:30pm in the MMC Jen is going to facilitate a panel with the director of the center at Yale, Kelly the director at Brown, and students from each campus on campus climate. Possibly a musician on Thursday night with a social gathering. Friday at 12pm is the women’s panel, followed at 3pm by Joe on Narratives. Friday night “Baby Doll” will be read, and after Matt Wixon will perform. 60’s party Saturday night in Hardge Forum. Promotion:



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