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This Peck Hall GLBT Program was delivered by Joseph Santiago and Morgan Cottrell to residence hall students and RAs. There were 63 people in attendance for this event. Peck Hall GLBT Training Program 2009; Joe santaigao and URI; Joseph Santiago and URI; Morgan Cottrell; -Name -Involvement with the Center -Quick program overview -What does GLBT stand for -Invitation to Celluloid Closet; Stand-Up/Sit-Down Game (5-10 minutes) Note to facilitator: Ask everyone to stand. When a statement is read that refers to them, ask them to sit and remain seated for the rest of the activity. Ask them to be honest. All items do not have to be read or read in this order. You can pick and choose statements to read based on the type of audience you are speaking to.; You are a man and sit with your legs crossed.  You are a woman and have ever worn a baseball cap.  You are a woman and you play sports aggressively.  You are a man and you wear jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets…)  You are a man and you have your ears pierced.  You identify as a feminist.  You are a woman and you do not shave your legs or under your arms.  You are a man and you enjoy musicals.  You are a woman and you are not wearing any makeup today.  You are a man and you do not play sports.  You are a woman with short hair (chin length or shorter).  You are a man with long hair (chin length or longer).  You have not dated anyone of the opposite sex in the past six months.  You are friends with someone who is LGBT.  You have a family member who is LGBT.  You are a man and you have been told that you are sensitive.  You are a woman with a low voice.  Majority of your friends are the same gender as you.  You are a romantic man.  You are a man and you polish your toenails or fingernails.  You are a man and you have received professional massages.  You verbally support LGBT issues.  You are a woman and you shop in the men’s section in stores.  You are a man and you color or perm your hair.  You are a woman and you stand up for yourself.  You are a man and you have often been complemented on your sense of style.  You are a woman and went to Lilith Fair.  You are a man and enjoy female music groups.  You are a man and you show affection to other men.  You have another visible part of your body pierced besides your ears.  You are a man and you have spoken out against sexist jokes and comments.; Why’d we do that? Everyone who is now sitting down could be a target for LGBT hate crimes. All the statements we have read off were actual items perpetrators used to target LGBT people. This exercise shows that hate crimes do not have rationales behind them. The reasons people have given to discriminate against the LGBT population are often very arbitrary. For those of you still standing, we have only named a few things people have given to target the LGBT population. It is possible that you may be sitting down if we read additional statements. It is also possible that you have recognized these as reasons people target the LGBT population and have either intentionally or unintentionally avoided behaving according to these statements. This is just some food for thought for you to consider.; Spheres of Influence Activity (10-15 minutes) -Break students up into three or four groups of about 4 or 5 people. -Pass out one Spheres of Influence worksheet to each group, and one pen. -Tell students to take 10-15 minutes to brainstorms ways they can use their spheres of influence to make this campus more affirming to people on campus who need extra support.; Closing (5-10 minutes) -Thank students for participating, and working towards a more positive campus community -Prompt participants to take a schedule, film series schedule, conversation group flier, and book mark -Tell them how to visit our website, join our listserv, and facebook group -Invite them to Celluloid Closet at 7:30 at the Center; Change Your World With Your Spheres of Influence; Directions: Each Individual has the power to influence the world in a positive way. Reflect on each sphere of influence you have, and write down ways to use that influence to make the URI Campus more inviting and affirming for GLBT students, or any other community that could use more support. Personal Sphere: (your behavior, your beliefs, your terminology, your education, etc); Interpersonal Sphere: (Your friends, your family, your interactions with others, etc) Community Sphere: (Your University, your student group, your department, etc); Personal: Don’t use derogatory terms, or statements like “that’s so gay” Be open and friendly to GLBT students Interpersonal Be supportive to your GLBT friends Reach out to GLBT family members If your friends or family make mean comments, or are homophobic engage them in conversation Tell your GLBT friends about the Center, and any other supportive places, and resources Community Attend; Community Attend rallies Speak at legislative hearings Volunteer to help GLBT organizations (GLBT Center, PFLAG, MERI) Participate in GLBT friendly programs Help support the formation of a GSA on campus


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