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This post contains the GLBTIQQ Symposium Meeting Minutes 11/16/2007; Pankaj L Ahire; Proposals 1. From someone in Library in Bridgewater – Deliver us: How censors target GLBT materials. 2. Woman Spirit Rising. 3. PFlag – Bonettis are chair for South county chapter. Coming out to your family. Coming Monday meeting. 4. Ron – prolific in writing about bi issues and bears. 60th Anniversary of Kinsey Report. Looking at Kinsey. 5. Sabrina at Bridgewater… Sociology Professor… Dynamics of discrimination. 6. Jodie Glass – Lifelines (Transgender groups). Group called “Women of a certain age”; Possibility of getting someone from athletics department to talk about GLBTIQQ people in athletics. Different people from different department. International perspective – Perspective of different ethnicities. Invite people from tribal nation. Invite people from different universities. Couple of interesting topics on which possibility of student panel. Subject to availability of funds: Stonewall plays. Kick off on Wednesday night – some good program.; Install and uninstall it – Thursday and Sunday respectively. Bob weisboard willing to serve on the panel. Showing the film – Cabaret, Bent. RI Holocaust education center… Meeting on the 28th? Youth pride directory.; The exhibit is a wonderful opportunity to spread the word around. Exhibit could be a marker to the start of symposium programs.  Opening of the center  Ordered movies – cabaret, bent and Paragraph 175.


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