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GLBT Center Minutes from October 2010 Gender Neutral Bathroom Meeting‏; Present: Joe Santiago, Riley Davis, Kevin Cruz, Chip Yensan; GLBT Center; LGBTQ Center; I. C. Yensan distributed printed materials from internet on gender neutral bathroom initiative at other colleges; examples of GN signage II. Confirmed that HRL supports request to convert bathrooms on Adams 1S and 1N to gender neutral a. R. Davis ask if we could look into installing doors on the shower compartments instead of shower curtains for privacy purposes i. C. Yensan indicated that he would look at the feasibility of that conversion to existing shower wall/partitions ii. C. Yensan indicated that Adams 1N would be assigned at some point during the year and that residents assigned to that floor would be advised that that restroom is gender neutral; III. Confirmed that HRL supports request to convert all existing “unisex” single compartment restrooms in residence halls to gender neutral a. C. Yensan requested to proceed with this initiative b. Will conduct a complete inventory of all such locations – believe that the only residence halls currently without such bathrooms are Butterfield and Bressler; IV. Agreed on signage to be ordered and installed for all residence hall gender neutral bathrooms a. Consistent with signage used at Emerson (see distributed handout) b. C. Yensan will inform Director of Capital Planning and Design T. Frisbie-Fulton of this preference and request related endorsement and permission to purchase said signs; V. General discussion of gender neutral bathroom conversion in other URI buildings a. R. Davis asked that the University explore the conversion a bathroom in Kelley Hall because the female bathroom is currently poorly located b. GLBT Center will further examine continuing this bathroom conversion initiative into various campus academic and general meeting buildings i. C. Yensan offered to assist in any way interested; VI. Explored future residence hall gender neutral conversions a. Heathman, Fayerweather and Gorham have potential to include some form of gender neutral living option b. Garrahy, Wiley and Eddy currently operate pretty close to gender neutral already due to suite and apartment configurations and total coed option c. Gender neutral conversion in residence halls with community bathrooms will require further review and careful consideration

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This document is the GLBT Center Minutes from October 2010 Gender Neutral Bathroom Meeting‏.



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