The economic costs to fisheries because of marine sand mining in Ongjin Korea: Concepts, methods, and illustrative results

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We illustrate a methodology for estimating the damages to commercial fisheries from entrainment and from temporary loss of seafloor habitat productivity because of marine sand mining. A Beverton-Holt, year-class model is used to estimate illustrative short-term, long-term, and indirect (food web) effects from the inception of mining through the time to recovery of the injured resource stocks. A Base Case analysis evaluates hypothetical mining for a 4 km2 mining site with biological recovery of the mined area beginning seven months after mining ceases and the bottom excavation fills in. Sensitivity analyses also are used to illustrate damages for alternative recovery paths and for 20 hypothetical mining sites for one year of mining and for recurring mining for 5 and for 10 years. Important qualifications and directions for further research are outlined. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Ecological Economics





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