Remasculinizing American white guys in/through new millennium American sport films

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In this essay I analyse the cultural politics of the white masculinities constructed in new millennium American sport films. Specifically, I situate the production and consumption of these films in a historical conjuncture marked by an alleged crisis of masculinity for American men and the revitalization of a new conservatism in the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001. Produced within this social milieu, several new millennium American sport films offer narratives featuring white everymen experiencing various crises where sport provides a masculinizing solution to their anxieties (at least momentarily). Thus, I illuminate four representational strategies common in a number of these films in order to read new millennium sport films as key cultural sites disseminating and popularizing a set of conservative ideologies and logics about gender, race and class, whose effect, if not intent, is the re-centring of white masculinity in post-9/11 American culture and, by extension, refortifying white male privilege in American society.

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Sport in Society