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The past four years I have devoted my studies to science and mathematics. While I have loved studying these subjects, I wanted to take the opportunity of the Senior Honors Project to explore a different field. I chose the field of writing. Being able to tell a story is one thing, but being able to tell a story well and in writing is another. The focus of my project is retrospective writing. The six written essays will be from the age of five when I entered first grade through my college years. A series of pictures will correlate with each essay. This will allow the reader of my work to compare their personal image to the real image from points in my life. The six essays will also highlight significant moments in my life as well as my most vivid memories. Essentially, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

The progression of these essays will allow me to improve my writing through editing, tone, and style. As a student at the University of Rhode Island, I have learned the importance of being well-rounded. For the past four years as a major in Bio Science, most of my writing was in research and lab report format. For my Senior Honors Project, I chose a storytelling format to be more creative in my writing.

My time spent in English 243, The Short Story, inspired me to complete this project. Dr. Barbara Conti, the professor of this course, provided me with excellent feedback on the required writing assignments from her course and I wanted to do more. Dr. Conti and I have been able to bounce ideas off one another so that the essays are both well organized and well written. My final pieces will showcase a mixture of reflection and emotion. The final product will connect both picture images and written work to tell of my journey in a series of short stories.

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