Magnetic resonance image processing system for cardiac research

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Conference Proceeding

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Analysis of magnetic resonance images (MRI) is often limited to hardware and software provided by the manufacturer. To circumvent this problem the authors developed a Unix-based system using a SUN S3/60 workstation. They acquire multiple series of ECG (electrocardiogram) gated images. Typically in a single acquisition there are four oblique long-axis slices centered around the left ventricle (LV) at eight points during the cardiac cycle. The images are transferred to 9-track tape and decoded using Unix-based scripts so that all demographic and image data is retained. The images are loaded in the SUN system and converted to a SUN window raster format. Once in this format the images can be easily manipulated by a variety of methods. The authors currently provide for the cine display at 16 frames/s, contrast and pseudocolor enhancement, and 2-D LV and blood pool reconstruction. The system is thus a promising one for the manipulation and analysis of cardiac MRI data.

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Bioengineering, Proceedings of the Northeast Conference

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