2nd order analysis of IDDQ test data

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Conference Proceeding

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The proposed 2nd order current signature technique considers both the Ist order mean and the 2nd order variance information to provide a more robust and more effective mean of die selection. We examined the IDDQ testing data front SEMATECH by the proposed 2nd order current signature technique and compared the results to those of traditional single threshold and delta-IDDQ techniques. We found that the 2nd order analysis may enable a more robust way to IDDQ testing. In particular, a clear distinction can be made between defected and defect-free dies. The defected dies identified by the proposed technique and by the delta-IDDQ technique are quite similar for the SEMATECH data. However, for the future deep sub-micron VLSI where the mean IDDQ value may vary significantly, the proposed technique has a definite advantage of being more robust.

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IEEE International Workshop on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems

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