Hardware single-switch keyboard and mouse replacement for computer control

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Conference Proceeding

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A practical, low-cost device is constructed to emulate a computer keyboard and mouse through a single-switch input. Most of the current single-switch computer interface designs focus on simplified hardware implementations with a major portion handled on the destination computer in software. Our device called the PowerKeyboard provides an operating system independent, hardware, single-switch interface for persons of limited mobility or a form of paralysis. A combination of scanning and scrolling techniques provide the available keystroke and mouse control commands on an Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The triggering of a switch transmits the selected action or executes a stored configuration command of the PowerKeyboard, such as scrolling rate. In this paper, we present the design of the PowerKeyboard and compare it to existing designs. © 2006 IEEE.

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Proceedings of the IEEE Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference, NEBEC



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