G. Lengyel
S. Nardone
D. Pommerrenig
S. Mardix
G. Sadasiv
F. Pauty
H. Desbois
P. Vernier
L. Mathey
J. M. Plociennik
J. S. Hughes
W. L. Wilcock
D. G. Smith


Following is the continuation of the list of titles and authors: Measurement of Electron Diffusion Length by Photo-Luminescence in p-Doped GaAs Substrates and p-Doped Epitaxially Grown GaAs Photocathodes. By G. Lengyel, S. Nardone and D. Pommerrenig. Photoresponse Beyond the Absorption Edge in Silicon p-n Junctions. By S. Mardix and G. Sadasiv. Etude d'un Spectrographe Fournissant les Distributions Angulaire et Energetique des Photoelectrons. left bracket Spectrographic Study Providing the Angular and Energy Distributions of Photoelectrons right bracket . By F. Pauty, H. Desbois and P. Vernier. Utilisation d'un Camera Electronique Pour Etudier l'Evolution de Seuil Photoelectrique de Couches Minces d'Or Deposees sous Ultra-vide. left bracket Use of an Electronic Camera for Studying the Evolution of the Photoelectric Threshold of Thin Layers of Gold Deposited Under Ultra Vacuum right bracket . By L. Mathey, J. M. Plociennik and P. Vernier. Absolute Photoelectric Emission Statistics of Aluminium, Silver and Potassium Chloride in the Ultra-Soft X-Ray Region. By J. S. Hughes, W. L. Wilcock and D. G. Smith.