A new real-zero conversion algorithm

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Conference Proceeding

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The odd-order real zeros of a real-valued signal, s(t), correspond to its conventional or overt zerocrossings. The overt zero-crossings can be easily determined. But the complex zeros of s(t) are not easy to determine. This suggests the possibility of converting s(t) by using some invertible transformation, into a different signal, whose real zero-crossings alone determine s(t) completely. This process is known as realzero conversion. The real zero-crossings of the transformed signal are termed Covert Zero-Crossings (CoZeCs). Currently known real-zero conversion algorithms are impractical. In this paper we present a new adaptive algorithm for converting a band-pass signal into a pair of signals whose real zero-crossings essentially determine its envelope (up to a scale factor) and phase (up to a frequency translation).

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ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings