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This paper proposed a fault-tolerant approach based on information fusion (IF) to automatically locate the transient voltage disturbance source (TVDS) in smart distribution grids. We first defined three credibility factors that will influence the reliability of the direction-judgments at each power quality monitor (PQM). Then we proposed two rules of influence and a verification factor for the distributed generation (DG) integration. Based on the two sets of direction-judgment criteria, a novel decision-making method with fault tolerance based on the IF theory is proposed for automatic location of the TVDS. Three critical schemes, including credibility fusion, conflict weakening, and correction for DG integration, have been integrated in the proposed fusion method, followed by a reliability evaluation of the location results. The proposed approach was validated on the IEEE 13-node test feeder, and the TVDS location results demonstrated the effectiveness and fault tolerance of the IF based approach.

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