SSC: A classifier combination method based on signal strength

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We propose a new classifier combination method, the signal strength-based combining (SSC) approach, to combine the outputs of multiple classifiers to support the decision-making process in classification tasks. As ensemble learning methods have attracted growing attention from both academia and industry recently, it is critical to understand the fundamental issues of the combining rule. Motivated by the signal strength concept, our proposed SSC algorithm can effectively integrate the individual vote from different classifiers in an ensemble learning system. Comparative studies of our method with nine major existing combining rules, namely, geometric average rule, arithmetic average rule, median value rule, majority voting rule, Borda count, max and min rule, weighted average, and weighted majority voting rules, is presented. Furthermore, we also discuss the relationship of the proposed method with respect to margin-based classifiers, including the boosting method (AdaBoost.M1 and AdaBoost.M2) and support vector machines by margin analysis. Detailed analyses of margin distribution graphs are presented to discuss the characteristics of the proposed method. Simulation results for various real-world datasets illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. © 2012 IEEE.

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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems