Optimal operation for energy storage with wind power generation using adaptive dynamic programming

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Due to the increasing of intermittent power generation from renewable energy in the smart grid, such as wind power, the unbalance between generation and load demand becomes a critical problem for the power system optimal economic operation. Fortunately, the incorporation of large energy storage device (ESD) into power system operation management could address this problem. In this paper, the energy storage (ES) optimal operation/allocation for smart grid with stochastic wind power generation is investigated. By using adaptive dynamic programming (ADP), five types of real-world ES system, such as electrochemical-based, electrical-based and mechanical-based, with different capacity, charing/discharing rates and efficiency are compared under benchmark energy storage problems with simulation analysis. Moreover, we compare two important parameters (i.e., capacity and charging/dischanrging rates) on average over all storage benchmarks to further investigate the influence on the total profit. Based on the simulation results, we demonstrate that the investigated parameters of the storage device have large influence on the profit.

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IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting