Near-space aerospace vehicles attitude control based on adaptive dynamic programming and sliding mode control

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Conference Proceeding

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In this paper, coordinated sliding mode control (SMC) and adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) strategy is proposed for near-space aerospace vehicle (NSASV) adaptive attitude tracking control. In this design, the NSASV attitude angle control is implemented as classical cascade control scheme with two control loops in the model. The outer one is a slow control loop for the attitude angle tracking, and the inner one is a fast control loop for the attitude angular rate tracking. Both of these two control loops are designed by using SMC, which can provide exact control performance near the operating point. To improve the control performance and robustness under parameter variations and external disturbances, ADP based supplementary control is introduced and incorporated into the inner fast control loop to provide adaptive compensation for the reference signal. Simulation study is carried out in Matlab/Simulink environment, and the results demonstrate that the proposed cooperative control could provide quite satisfied tracking performance in terms of overshoot and oscillation.

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Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks