Optimal Power Sharing Control for DC Microgrids via Adaptive Dynamic Programming

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This paper investigates the optimal power sharing problem of DC microgrids by combining economic dispatch problem and power sharing control problem. A distributed hierarchical cyber-physical framework is deployed where each source has a distributed unit that contains a local optimizer and a local controller. The optimizer undertakes to solve the optimal power dispatch at each sample instant, and the controller generates a reference voltage signal and transfers it into a PWM signal towards the converter based on the optimal power dispatch. By regulating the output voltage of each converter, the optimal power sharing is achieved. Moreover, the optimizer is designed using a consensus-like algorithm which avoids using increment cost variables as like in existing methods, and the controller is designed via an adaptive dynamic programming method which interacts with the DC microgrid environment and iteratively updates the control signal. The simulation result shows the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting