Energy-Storage-Based Intelligent Frequency Control of Microgrid with Stochastic Model Uncertainties

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With the increasing proportion of renewable power generations, the frequency control of microgrid becomes more challenging due to stochastic power generations and dynamic uncertainties. The energy storage system (ESS) is usually used in microgrid since it can provide flexible options to store or release power energy. In this paper, an intelligent control strategy completely based on the adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) is developed for the frequency stability, which is designed to adjust the power outputs of micro-turbine and ESS when photovoltaic (PV) power generation is connected into the microgrid. Further, considering the changes of PV power and load demand in a day, the full utilization of PV power and the recycling of energy storage are realized through the proposed regulation strategy. Numerical simulation results validate the energy-storage-based intelligent frequency control strategy for the microgird with stochastic model uncertainties, and comparative studies based on PID, LQR and fuzzy logic control illustrate the superiority of the proposed control strategy.

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IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid