A compiler-directed approach to network latency reduction for distributed shared memory multiprocessors

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In distributed shared memory multiprocessor systems, parallel tasks communicate through sharing memory data. As the system size increases, such communication cost becomes the main factor that limits the overall parallelism and performance. In this paper, we propose a new solution to the problem through judiciously managing the relevant resource, namely, the shared data and the interconnection network (IN) through which the sharing is carried out. In this approach, communication cost is minimized by means of data migration/allocation which is based on analyzing general layered task graphs, sharing behavior of parallel tasks, and network topology. Our method is not applicable for read only variables. Further, for the time being, the usefulness of the method is limited to multiprocessors where no cache coherence mechanism is implemented. Four typical interconnection topologies for multiprocessors are considered, namely, shared-bus, hierarchical-bus, 2-D mesh, and fat-tree structures. Efficient data allocation algorithms for each of the four network topologies are developed that make decision on data allocation/migration at the compile time. The complexity of one algorithm is O(np) for shared-bus and O(n2p) for the remaining three in a system with n processors executing a p-layer task graph for one shared variable. We have also given an algorithm to determine optimal allocation/migration scheme for multiple shared variables. However, the cost of the algorithm become prohibitive when the number of shared variables is high. Therefore, a heuristic of low complexity is suggested. The heuristic is optimal for some topologies. © 1990 Academic Press, Inc.

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Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing