A trust evaluation framework in distributed networks: Vulnerability analysis and defense against attacks

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Conference Proceeding

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The performance of distributed networks depends on collaboration among distributed entities. To enhance security in distributed networks, such as ad hoc networks, it is important to evaluate the trustworthiness of participating entities since trust is the major driving force for collaboration. In this paper, we present a framework to quantitatively measure trust, model trust propagation, and defend trust evaluation systems against malicious attacks. In particular, we address the fundamental understanding of trust, quantitative trust metrics, mathematical properties of trust, dynamic properties of trust, and trust models. The attacks against trust evaluation are identified and defense techniques are developed. The proposed trust evaluation system is employed in ad hoc networks for securing ad hoc routing and assisting malicious node detection. The implementation is fully distributed. Simulations show that the proposed system can significantly improve network throughput as well as effectively detect malicious behaviors in ad hoc networks. Further, extensive simulations are performed to illustrate various attacks and the effectiveness of the proposed defense techniques. © 2006 IEEE.

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Proceedings - IEEE INFOCOM