Wideband time-frequency Weyl symbol and its generalization

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Conference Proceeding

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We extend the work of Shenoy and Parks on the wideband Weyl correspondence. We define a wideband Weyl symbol (P0WS) in the time-frequency plane based on the Bertrand P0-distribution, and we study its properties, examples and possible applications. Using warping relations, we generalize the P0WS and the wide-band spreading function (WSF) to analyze systems producing dispersive time shifts. We provide properties and special cases (e.g. power and exponential) to demonstrate the importance of our generalization. The new generalized WSF provides a new interpretation of a system output as a weighted superposition of dispersive time-shifted versions of the signal. We provide application examples in analysis and detection to demonstrate the advantages of our new results for linear systems with group delay characteristics matched to the specific warping used.

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Proceedings of the IEEE-SP International Symposium on Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Analysis

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