Earthquake response of hysteretic mass-column using non-Gaussian closure

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A non-Gaussian closure scheme based on the Edgeworth expansion of the probability density function is used to study the response of a hysteretic structure under random parametric excitation. The system considered consists of a weightless mass supporting a concentrated mass and it is subjected to the vertical and horizontal components of the ground acceleration modeled as nonstationary Gaussian white noise processes. The material of the structure exhibits bilinear hysteretic behaviour. The equation governing the motion of the system is transformed into an Itô stochastic differential equation. A set of ordinary differential equations governing the response statistics are obtained. These form an infinite hierarchy of equations which must be truncated in order to solve for moments of any order. The Edgeworth expansion of the joint density is used to truncate this infinite hierarchy. Such a closure scheme appears desirable since for hysteretic systems an explicit expression of the probability density is required. A frequently used closure scheme based on Gaussian assumption underestimates the response. The non-Gaussian density can be used in reliability studies. © 1991.

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Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering