Design techniques for the support of interdisciplinary research

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Conference Proceeding

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The goal of this paper is to identify techniques and notations of software and system design that can be used by informed applications experts, researchers or practitioners from any domain, who are collaborating with software experts to develop systems containing significant software components. We believe that this approach will lead to better communication between the software engineers and the applications experts, and thus to better quality software. In some cases, applications experts develop code unassisted by software experts using high-end tools and robust high-end interfaces, such as database management systems. However, these tools may not automatically support or enforce good design techniques and may give rise to incorrect or inefficient systems. Here we explore how domain experts engaged in interdisciplinary projects can be aided with appropriate design procedures, constructs, and notations to support the development of better quality software. © CGU 2007.

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DESRIST 2007 Conference Proceedings - 2nd International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology

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