Long coring in deep water for seabed research, geohazard studies and geotechnical investigations

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The overall objective of the research project is to understand and predict seabed processes on the continental slope in the northwest Gulf of Mexico, related to the regional geology and engineering properties for the design of seafloor installations. This paper is a report of work in progress with a focus on a one-month research cruise to the main study corridor in deep water (800-2700 m W.D.), during which over 1,000 meters of sediment samples were obtained with a large-diameter long piston coring system and a large-diameter gravity corer. Profiles obtained from logging of the cores exhibit the wide range of variability associated with laminated soft sediments; debris flows, turbidity currents, and overconsolidated sediments. There is very good agreement between long core shear strength results and conventional boring data at two floating platform sites, Auger and Jolliet.

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Proceedings of the Annual Offshore Technology Conference



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