Investigation of the Age of Submarine Slope Failures in the Gulf of Mexico

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Conference Proceeding

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A detailed field and laboratory testing program was performed to determine the age of submarine slope failures from two basins in the Gulf of Mexico. This study integrated the results of multibeam bathymetry data, side scan and subbottom acoustic data, and large-diameter piston coring to identify slope failures in water depths ranging from 850 m to 2800 m. A chronostratigraphy of the region was developed based on radiocarbon and paleomagnetic dating performed on cores from the unfailed plateau regions, as well as the presence of a volcanic ash in many of the cores. This age model was then applied to cores taken in areas of mass wasting, and the age of the failures were estimated to range from <12,500 years (within the Holocene period) to 62,000 years ago. Hypotheses of the triggering mechanisms responsible for these failures are also discussed.

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Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference

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