Evaluation of Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise in Wickford, Rhode Island

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The objective of this paper is to present the results of a study on the effects of storm surge and sea level rise on the coastal town of Wickford, Rhode Island, and an evaluation of possible mitigation strategies. The analysis included estimating the 100 year still water elevation for Wickford, recreating FEMA's FIRMs using the Coastal Hazard Analysis Modeling Program, and using a simplified surge model to evaluate flooding from different scenarios of storm surge associated with a given return period and varying amounts of sea level rise. The use of vertical barriers placed at key locations was evaluated and illustrated effectively both the reduction in flooded areas and the limitations of the mitigation strategies.

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Coastal Structures and Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2015: Resilient Coastal Communities - Proceedings of the Coastal Structures and Solutions to Coastal Disasters Joint Conference 2015