Routing-aware coloring in TDMA for time-critical data aggregation in wireless sensor networks

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Conference Proceeding

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We present a novel TDMA coloring scheme for data aggregation applications in wireless sensor networks. This is based on previous work towards minimizing the TDMA frame size in wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we first investigate the modeling for data aggregation applications in sensor networks, find a theoretical lower bound for any TDMA based protocol, and then, present a TDMA-based MAC protocol that is derived from a hybrid node-based and edge-based coloring algorithm called RAC-CT (Routing Aware Coloring - Conflict Tolerant). Analytical and experimental results show that our algorithm is not only affordable in implementation, but also yields near optimal system throughput in wireless sensor network data query applications.

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Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Wireless Networks, ICWN 2008

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