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Food Science and Nutrition


A membrane concentration system consisting of tubular polysulphone ultrafiltration (UF) and polyamide reverse osmosis (RO) was evaluated for concentrating key water soluble flavor compounds from lobster extracts. Major flavor‐giving compounds in the extract were glutamic acid, glycine, arginine, uridine 5′‐monophosphate (UMP), succninic acid and glucose. Factors affecting performance of the UF/RO systems, such as flow rate, feed solid level, temperature and pressure, on permeate flux and solids rejection were measured. The optimum UF conditions were 1.5% feed solid level, 15 L/min feed flow rate, 50°C feed temperature and 1 MPa log mean transmembrane pressure. The RO system retained all dissolved flavor components and its ideal operating conditions were 40°C, 2.8 MPa log mean transmembrane pressure and a flow rate of 15 L/min.