Improved viscosity correlation for CO2/reservoir oil systems

R. M. Lansangan, New Mexico Petroleum Recovery
M. Taylor, New Mexico Petroleum Recovery
J. L. Smith, New Mexico Petroleum Recovery
F. S. Kovarik, New Mexico Petroleum Recovery


This paper presents a correlation for predicting viscosities of single phase and equilibrium vapor (dense fluid) and liquid phases of CO2/synthetic oil and CO2/reservoir oil mixtures from experimental data obtained by the authors over the past couple of years. The viscosity, density, and composition database was obtained using a newly developed, oscillating quartz crystal viscometer which is described in the text. This new viscometer was developed to measure viscosities over a range of conditions from 90°F to 250°F and 1000 psi to 5000 psi. The experimental error in viscosity measurement was determined to be less than 5% over a range from 0.04 cp to 4.0 cp.