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The reduction products of common lithium salts for lithium ion battery electrolytes, LiPF6, LiBF4, lithium bisoxalato borate (LiBOB), lithium difluorooxalato borate (LiDFOB), and lithium trifluorosulfonylimide (LiTFSI), have been investigated. The solution phase reduction of different lithium salts via reaction with the one electron reducing agent, lithium naphthalenide, results in near quantitative reactions. Analysis of the solution phase and head space gasses suggests that all of the reduction products are precipitated as insoluble solids. The solids obtained through reduction were analyzed with solution NMR, IR-ATR and XPS. All fluorine containing salts generate LiF upon reduction while all oxalate containing salts generate lithium oxalate. In addition, depending upon the salt other species including, LixPFyOz, LixBFy, oligomeric borates, and lithium bis[N-(trifluoromethylsulfonylimino)] trifluoromethanesulfonate are observed.

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