Effect of Food Processing on Bioactive Compounds in Foods: A New Method for Separation and Identification of cis-Cinnamic Acid from Its Racemic Mixture

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A HPLC method was developed to separate racemic mixtures of cinnamic acid in this study. The cis-isomer obtained by this method was confirmed and characterized by using GC-mass, FT-IR, and one dimensional proton NMR. It was found the resulting data from mass pattern, FT-IR spectra, and J (coupling constant) for the differences between cis- and trans-cinnamic acid can be used as an additional and important index for distinguishing these two racemic mixtures. The stability of the cis-isomer prepared by this study has been shown to be more than one year suggesting that the presenting HPLC preparation is a better and more precise method than the previous method of using ion exchange chromatography.

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