Advances in electrolytes for lithium ion batteries: A mechanistic understanding

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The development of Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) electrolytes with improved thermal and electrochemical stability for Electric Vehicle (EV) applications will be presented. The most extensively used LIB electrolytes are composed of LiPF6 dissolved in organic carbonates. However, LiPF6 electrolytes have poor thermal stability and the required use of EC limits low temperature performance. Significant energy fading occurs after several years at room temperature and over only a few months at moderately elevated temperatures (>60 °C). While there are several different factors that limit the thermal stability of LIBs, the reactions of the electrolyte with the surface of the electrode materials is frequently reported to be the most important. We will discuss a thorough analysis of the reactions of common electrolytes with and without additives as solutions in the absence of electrode materials and on the surface of the electrode materials after initial formation cycling and upon accelerated aging.

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ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts

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