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Type I, bovine skin collagen was allowed to gel in the presence of various concentrations of a carbon nanotube material covered with a polystyrene/polyaniline copolymer, called a carbon nanobrush (CNB). The rate of collagen gelation was enhanced by the presence of the CNB in a dose dependent manner. The extent of collagen gelation was due to the concentration of collagen and not the amount of CNB. Collagen D-periodicity, and average fibril diameter were unchanged by the CNB material as seen in transmission electron micrographs. Gel tensile strength was reduced by the presence of the CNB in a dose related manner. The collagen-CNB mixture may have a role in the repair and reconstruction of wounds or degenerated connective tissue.


George W. Dombi, Kaushalkumar Purohit and Sze C. Yang are from the Department of Chemistry.

Lenore M. Martin is from the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology.



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