Modification of lithium electrodeposition behavior by variation of electrode distance

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Developing a better understanding and control over the lithium electrodeposition behavior will assist with the commercial application of lithium metal anodes for rechargeable batteries. Despite intensive research over the past decade, our understanding of the deposition of lithium is limited. Here a new observation on the effect of distance between the working electrode and the counter electrode for electrochemical lithium deposition behavior is reported. From this fundamental investigation of distance, the high lithium ion concentration regions formed by release of lithium ions from the counter electrode modify the lithium deposition behavior on the working electrode, resulting in the generation of non-uniform lithium dendrites with a thick diversely composed surface film. Alternatively, increasing the distance between the electrodes results in the deposition of a spherical lithium morphology with a thin LiF rich surface film. This fundamental study provides a deeper understanding of correlation between lithium deposition behavior and electrode separation and provides insight to inhibit lithium dendrite formation.

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Journal of Power Sources