Solid state NMR on oligomeric and polymeric azines

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The solid state NMR on a series of oligomeric and polymeric azines is reported. The 13C of the methyl substituted azines shows two types of resonances: in the 10-12 ppm region characteristic of the methyl groups and in the 145-165 ppm region typified by the imine carbons. In both spectral regions the chain end carbons have different chemical shifts from the interior carbons, thus allowing an end-group analysis to estimate the polymer molecular weight. The polymer shows a single peak in the methyl region, a single peak in the imine region, as well as a single peak in the 15N spectrum, all indicative of a long chain polymer with all equivalent repeat units. The polymer can be doped with iodine to give electrically conducting materials. The 13C spectrum of the lightly doped polymer is similar to the undoped spectrum but the NMR of the heavily doped polymer is characteristic of band formation. © 1989.

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Synthetic Metals