Multiphase equilibrium flash with salt precipitation in systems with multiple salts

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A new methodology for determining simultaneous chemical and phase equilibrium of mixtures of light gases and aqueous electrolyte solutions with the potential for multiple salt deposition is proposed. The novel aspects of this new approach include, but are not limited to (1) a novel tearing algorithm for determining equilibrium ion solubility limits, (2) rigorous proof that the proposed tearing algorithm generates a Cauchy sequence and is therefore guaranteed to converge to the correct equilibrium ion solubility limits (3) and a unique formulation of the combined chemical and multi-phase equilibrium flash problem that accounts for salt deposition but decouples the chemical and phase equilibrium aspects of the flash. Examples from real EOR and CO2 sequestration applications are presented. Results clearly show that the proposed numerical approach is reliable, robust, and efficient and can be used to determine salt deposition in multi-phase flash problems. Several geometric illustrations and numerical details are used to elucidate key points of the proposed approach.

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Chemical Engineering Research and Design